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MEHARRY™ Professional Tooth Repair Shaping Teether Kit

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MEHARRY™ Professional Tooth Repair Shaping Teether Kit

Happy customers shared their experiences using MEHARRY™ Professional Tooth Repair Shaping Teether Kit

“I recently chipped my tooth and I have an important event next week. I don’t have time to go to my dentist and schedule an appointment. Luckily, I saw this and gave this a try! I couldn’t believe that rolling a small ball and soaking it in water would be just as effective with filling the chip as a dentist’s work! The mold really stuck to my gums without any sort of problems and I can eat as normal with it! ” -Pia, 45. Compton 

“Having a chipped tooth is embarrassing! I couldn’t smile in photos and it just made me look goofy. However, this kit was able to fill in the chipped part perfectly! The mold clung onto my teeth and showed no signs of dislodging in spite of drinking and eating a lot! There weren’t any infections and the mold didn't chip at all when I roughly brush my teeth! This is the best alternative to having your teeth checked by a dentist!” -Jonathan, 44, New York 


Dr. Brian Garnett

Prosthodontics/General Dentistry

Your teeth are made out of calcium and are used to mash and break down food into manageable chunks. You start losing your baby teeth (milk teeth) at around 6-7 years old and by thirteen, you should have your permanent, adult teeth.

Brushing your teeth after every meal is the best way of keeping your teeth healthy alongside refraining from overeating sweet food. However, there are many factors as to why people lose their teeth or have fragile teeth. Tooth loss and fragility could be small symptoms of aging, genetics, and lack of proper nutrients.

Luckily, you don’t have to hide your smiles with the MEHARRY™ Professional Tooth Repair Shaping Teether Kit!

The MEHARRY™ Professional Tooth Repair Shaping Teether Kit is made from medical-grade moldable polymer, which is resistant to bacterial growth, leaving your mouth and teeth healthy. 

  • Contains a malleable formula that hardens over time
  • Contains a bacterial-resistance formula that prevents oral infections
  • Perfectly malleable and can be molded to various shapes and sizes, depending gap
  • Is FDA approved
  • Contains a strong adhesion that does not damage your teeth or gums
  • Contains a strong adhesion that doesn’t wear down even after repeated flossing and brushing
  • Contains a resistant formula that doesn’t corrode, fade, or melt with hot/cold temperatures, acid, and abrasive chemicals such as toothpaste, acidic sauces, and the like.
  • Suitable for top and bottom teeth

Jannah is a 34-year-old consultant with fragile teeth. She recently chipped her tooth and quickly regained her pearly whites just in time for a major client meeting! Here’s what she has to say!

Before Use 

“I've always had fragile teeth and I love eating fried and crunchy food. However, I didn’t expect my tooth to chip. One wrong bite and I noticed something wrong with my tooth when I pressed my tongue against it. I don’t have the luxury of time to book a dentist appointment because of a major client meeting I have in just a few days from now! I bought the MEHARRY™ Professional Tooth Repair Shaping Teether Kit and it saved my life!”

After Use

“Amazing! It took just less than a day for my teeth to be patched back up! All I needed to do was melt the beads, shape them and stick them on my chipped tooth. In just a day, my teeth are as good as new. Now, I don’t have to hide my smiles and I can speak with confidence without worrying about my chipped tooth. I was able to eat normally and the mold didn’t even budge when I brushed my teeth. All in all, this is a must-have!”

How to Use


  • Material: Moldable Polymer Plastic Beads
  • Category: Tooth Care, Dental Care, DIY Dental Repair
  • Effects: Tooth Filling, Tooth Repair
  • Tools Included: YES 

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  • MEHARRY™ Professional Tooth Repair Shaping Teether Kit


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